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Hey!  We're really sorry, this form isn't optimised for mobile use.  We'll do better next year!  For now, if you would like to apply to work for us please visit our site on a computer.  Go Back

Thank you for your interest in working with us.  Please complete the form below to submit your application! 

If this is your first time working with us you need to film a short video telling us why you would like to work for Global and about any relevant experience you may have. 

The video should also include an example of how you would teach a game or song to a group of non-english speaking children! This is so we can get to know you better, so please take your time and feel free to be as creative as you like. 

Please upload the video to a platform such as YOUTUBE or VIMEO and post the link in your application. Please make sure the video is 2 minutes maximum!

If you have any trouble completing the form or any questions about the role, please contact

SECTION A). Tell us how we can contact you:

SECTION B). Tell us when you can work:

We are still looking for tutors who can work for these blocks of time. Please indicate whether you are interested in either or both.

SECTION C). Tell us about yourself:

Have you worked for Global English Theatre before?
Please tell us if you have formal training or professional experience in any of the following:
To work with Global we require you to have a valid clear DBS certificate, or the equivalent from your country of residence (a state-issued certificate declaring suitability to work with children). Please select which of the following applies to you at the moment:

If you have worked with Global English Theatre before, welcome back!  You're done... just scroll down, hit 'submit' and we will be in touch! 


SECTION D). If this is your first time working with Global English Theatre, please: -


Upload a text-only copy of your CV using this button


2) AND:

Thanks for submitting your application to Global! We'll be in touch soon!

See information about applying for a DBS check here, and equivalents in different countries here

You can see our Equal Opportunities policy here

For example, a profile on Linkedin, Mandy or your own website.

What's this?  See above

Video Details

You can see our complete Summer Fun Tutor Recruitment policy here and all our other relevant policies here


For Summer Fun 2019

Please help us out by only checking a box if you know you will be free for the entire block of time specified, not just individual weeks within it.

If you've got other skills that you think would be useful, tell us about them in your video!

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