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This Code of Conduct appears in our Tutor Guides and is an attempt to summarise the key elements of our Employment Agreements and Global's policies for Staff Welfare, Child Protection and Discipline & Grievances.  It is not a substitute for those, so more information on any relevant aspect of our work please see the appropriate policy in full.

Every camp is managed by a Camp Leader (a member of the GLOBAL team) and a Camp Coordinator (a local teacher or manager who has helped us put the camp together). The Camp Leader will be your line manager and points of contact throughout the weeks of camp.  Should you have an issue with your Camp Leader, you should report this to the Personnel Director Natalie Rosewood, or if Natalie is not available to the Company Director Sandy King. Camp Leaders and Coordinators will each be required to pass on reports on your performance during the week.

Your contract will have given a detailed explanation of what is expected of you, but the key points to bear in mind are:

  • Summer FUN! camps are hard work but rewarding. As with any job, the more you put in the more you – and your students – will get out. Give your best through the day and rest well in the evenings.

  • Please respect the school facilities and resources. Accidents may happen, but negligence is not acceptable.

  • Our first duty is always to the students at camp: To make sure they are safe, having fun and using English.

  • Please feel free to enjoy the wonderful wine that Italy has to offer, but be aware that it is totally unacceptable to be either intoxicated or hungover during the school day.

  • Behaviour which is verbally or physically abusive towards other members of staff or children will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  • Please respect the school staff, the students, the families, the parents, your colleagues and the company. Then everything will be just fine!

Any decisions made by the company are after careful consideration, with the welfare and safety of our students and staff in mind. We sincerely hope that our discipline and grievance procedures are never required to be put in to action. GLOBAL looks forward to forging a strong and enjoyable working relationship with all its tutors!

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