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Summer Fun... for Adults!

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Why should your kids have all the fun this summer?  Since 2017 we have been sharing the magic with big kids aged from 18 to 88... Bring Global's Back To School! to your community!


"A fantastic experience!  Through games, songs and drama our explosive tutors helped us really enjoy ourselves in English.  A wonderful opportunity to switch off from daily life and lose yourself in a full-immersion English event"

- Paola Braggio, Student,

Back to School Gambellara

Back to School! is an evenings-only camp for students aged 18 and up. These run for three, four or five evenings.

Our adult students are taught in groups of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. We have worked with grandparents who have never tried English before, mums and dads who want to keep up with their kids, and English teaching professionals who enjoy the chance to practice their skills with native speakers in that classic Global full-immersion setting.

By popular demand, we take all the best bits from Summer Fun! including an assembly warm up for the whole camp with songs and games, and of course a final show, which this time the parents perform for their children!

Typical Timetable:

18,00: Assembly
18,15: Language games e activities in class
19,30: Social time together with pub quiz-style trivia                                competitions and English-themed snacks
20,15: Preparations for the show
21,30: Farewell

"What happens at adult camp is incredible: pure magic! You get the chance to feel like a kid again, you play around, you bond like crazy with your group, you dare to try new things and really let go of your inhibitions to create a fantastic show... you breathe a 100% British atmosphere. A must-try experience!"

- Paola Salata, Coordinator,

Back to School Gambellara

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