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Global was founded in 2014 by Jolley Gosnold, a teacher and director from London, England. We began by doing three of our classic Summer Fun! Camps in Veneto, for around 280 students from elementary and middle school.

We have got a little bigger every year since then. In 2016 we added our first Winter Fun! and in 2017 we launched Back To School! - a Summer Fun experience for adults – and expanded into Lombardia and Sicilia.

By 2018 we were having fun and breaking the language barrier with 740 students aged from 6 to 76 across 13 camps from Trapani to Bergamo in both winter and summer.

In Autumn 2018 we became a year-round company, and from here we will be growing to run ever more camps, and also to develop an exciting new tour of interactive plays in English that will premiere next academic year.

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