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Tutor Recruitment Policy
Summer Fun


Global English Theatre (hereafter 'Global', 'us' or 'we') exists to help build bridges between people of different backgrounds. We want to create a creative, safe and inclusive environment in which an exchange of knowledge and skills is fostered. We aim to send staff to our Summer FUN! Camps from a wide variety of backgrounds. We take a personal responsibility for the selection of our staff and will have close involvement in, and supervision of, all projects to which we send them. Having done this exact job ourselves many times, we understand the demands of the work but also the needs of our employees. We respect their work and will always try to offer guidance and support when needed, and undertake to keep their workplace free from discrimination or harassment of any kind. We expect of ourselves and all staff a very high standard of work and professionalism.


Essential attributes:

  • Native English Speaker with a clear intelligible accent

  • Legal right to work for a British company and in Italy

  • Over 18 years old

  • Able to obtain a valid DBS check

  • Evidence of good communication skills, professionalism and positivity

  • At least one of the 'strongly preferable' attributes listed below

Strongly preferable:

  • A track record of successful work for Global English Theatre

  • Formal training or significant professional experience in the performing arts

  • Formal training or significant professional experience working with children

  • A track record of successful work for a similar company (with an offer to provide a reference)

  • Experience working abroad or in a different cultural context



  • Experience travelling abroad

  • Training or professional experience with any of the following: SEN students, very young children, language education, sports and physical activities, film making and editing


Global welcomes applications from a diverse range of candidates, regardless of:

  • Italian language skills

  • Gender, Ethnicity or background, religion or belief, sexual orientation or association with any of the above. Reasonable adjustments to the recruitment or working process will be considered to ensure that no applicant is disadvantaged.

  • Disability. Again, reasonable adjustments to the recruitment or working process will be considered to ensure that no applicant is disadvantaged.


Recruitment will be conducted in three stages.

  • The first stage will be recruitment of people known personally to Global (the company or management)

  • The second stage will be recruitment through public channels. At this stage a deadline will be set and recruitment will not be completed until this date to ensure equality of opportunity to all potential candidates.

  • A third, ad hoc, stage may take place at a later date based on unforeseen demand for staff. At this stage, because of time pressure, recruitment will be on a first come first served basis (provided the requirements are met).



This is a position of extremely high importance, pressure and responsibility. The exact nature of person required varies significantly, based on many factors associated with the individual camp. We do not currently post advertisements for these positions, but contact selected people who are known to us on an individual basis.

Where staff have worked often with over a significant period of time or have expressed interest in this role, we are committed to speaking to them in advance and finding their interest in the position, and offering advice on what personal or professional steps they might take to move themselves up in this consideration.






We really appreciate the loyalty and experience of our regular tutors, and because of these we make some extra provision for those who have already completed three weeks of work with us, provided that the feedback they have received from Camp Leaders and Camp Coordinators has been positive. This will include requirement to attend a slightly shorter training session and a weekly fee which is 10% higher.


The job expected of these tutors will not change in any other way from that of any other tutor: we won't give an extra workload and the job will carry no extra authority. However we do expect in return that these tutors will be extra familiar with our policies, and come to work prepared and ready to lead by example at and around the camps.





Recruitment and staff requests:

Natalie Rosewood - email


General enquiries:
Sandy King - telephone (+39) 391 742 2889
- email


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