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Theatre, Games, Music and Fun!


Theatre, just like learning a new language, is about open-mindedness, creativity and communication.


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When we tell stories on stage we use our acting, music, costumes and colourful scenery to support the words we speak, and that makes them easier and more entertaining to understand.  When Global perform our plays for your students, English stops being words on the page of a text book, and becomes a way to understand real people who can engage them, entertainthem and above all make them laugh.

When we help students to create their own theatre in our Summer Fun! and Winter Fun! camps, we use the most inspirational resource that your students have: their own imaginations.  Drama teaching games and techniques support what they have learnt in their classrooms, and give the young performers a communicative purpose for their English - telling a story to their friends and families.

We want young English learners to associate the language with catchy music, fun dances and hilarious comedy.  This gives them extra motive to study, and a true understanding that any new language is a way to communicate with different people, create memorable things together and share stories, right around the globe.

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