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Full Immersion Winter Camps

Winter Fun Demo.jpg

A year is a long time to wait between camps, so why not organise a Christmas visit from Global to keep your students reminded that English can be great fun over the winter?



"Three packed days immersed in a Christmassy world.  Great games, everything in English, a chance to chat all day with a couple of wonderful native English-speaking tutors. Just a fantastic expereince to help our kids learn to live all together!!!"

Elisa Bergamini - Coordinator, Treviglio

With a programme of holiday-themed songs, games and arts activities we can make sure everyone gets a taste of a British Christmas!

In general we follow the same day plan that we know works so well at Summer Fun! However we adapt to the space and weather. We can work with you to plan the perfect timetable of activities and events and then distribute this to parents before the start of the camp.

Camps last between three and five days in a venue big enough to host at least 20 students.

A mini camp like this can suit a space like a large agriturismo or study centre, or be adapted to a larger school environment.

Winter Fun! is the same great full immersion English experience with some of our most experienced tutors, the only difference is that we'll be spending the majority of our time indoors. But we also love to wrap up warm and get some fresh winter air. If we get really lucky we might even be able to swap our water games for a snowball fight!

In the mornings we will play games and work on some Winter Fun! activity books, and in the afternoon there will be time to prepare for the big show.


At the end of the camp we will stage a seasonal spectacular that's sure to include favourite holiday characters like Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, The Grinch and of course Father Christmas himself!

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