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dates available from February 2023 for an amazing
interactive theatre experience


Nel 2020 inaugureremo i nostri tre nuovissimi show: Cat vs Dog (4-8 anni), 

Alice In Wonderland (6-14) e Jane Blonde (da 12 anni in su, con versioni adattate per scuole medie e superiori).

In 2022 we will be on the road with two fantastic shows: Alice In Wonderland (for students aged 6-14) and Jane Blonde (12 and up, with differing versions for middle and high schools).

This kind of theatre is a passion for all of us, and we only collaborate with actors who have been trained in top drama schools and who are native English speakers.

Our creative talent has written, directed and performed in didactic productions in countries including Argentina, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Uruguay.

The most important people in our shows are always the students who become our guest stars!  A unique memory and a chance to put English into practice for the young actors, and guaranteed fun for the audience watching their friends on stage.

Hosting a show: What you need

  • Up to 250 students in the audience, at your school or a municipal hall

  • A stage (of at least 5x3m) with nearby plug sockets

  • At least two options for weeks in which we could visit you, between 20/1 and 10/4 (2020).

A unique experience: What we offer

  • 2 or 3 native English-speaking actors 

  • 4 or more students from your school joining us in each performance

  • Shows of 45 - 60 minutes, with scripts carefully designed for each age group

  • Sound, lights and music

  • Fantascti costumes and colourful scenery

  • An opportunity to 'Meet the Actors' after the show

  • Teaching materials to use before and after the performance - including songs and dialogues from the soundtracks to download and practice with

  • LOTS of laughter!

* Up to 250 students per performance, in the same venue on the same day.  More students?  Contact us for more details.

1 show

from   695€

2 shows

from 1295€

3 shows

from     1695€



Requests for Booking
or for more information

Thank you for your interest! Will be in touch as soon as possible.

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