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1) You will be provided with a Name Badge, which you are required to wear at all times at camp.

2) We will also provide a Global English Theatre T-shirt to be worn on the first day of every camp week and at the final shows which close them.

3) At other days you are free to wear your own clothes, observing the following guidelines:

a) While we hope you can enjoy the glorious Italian summer sunshine, what you wear during the school day should be professional, conducive to the nature of the work, and in no way provocative.

b) Please avoid any offensive or political slogans.

c) Tutors should not wear short shorts or short skirts, low-cut tops or vests, or flip-flops / open toed or high heeled shoes (we recommend trainers).

To be completely clear and gender-neutral, please see the diagram below as an indication of the areas we ask all our tutors to cover at work:








NB. Within the constraints of your own wardrobe (we don't expect anyone to go buying things just for us), we do love tutors who bring bright colours and loud patterns to camp as we feel this lends a great energy to the day!

4) Summer Fun! can be hot and sweaty work. Tutors are strongly advised to bring an antiperspirant/deodorant to camp and use it when necessary to take responsibility for their own personal hygiene.

5) If you are a smoker or a vaper it is your absolute responsibility to make sure that the smell of these is never noticeable on you while you are at camp. Bring something to cover your work clothes if you intend to smoke before camp or to take a smoke break (which, to clarify, must be off site, out of view of any students, with no Global logos on view and only in place of agreed break times and at the complete and final discretion of your Camp Leader).

Please bear in mind that conversations about the dress code can be uncomfortable for both Tutors and Camp Leaders / Camp Coordinators / Directors, and help us avoid the problem entirely by packing accordingly!

Dress Code pic.png
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