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I. Introduction


Global English Theatre (hereafter 'Global', 'us' or 'we') exists to help build bridges between people of different backgrounds. We want to create a creative, safe and inclusive environment in which an exchange of knowledge and skills is fostered. We take a personal responsibility for the selection and training of our staff and will have close involvement in, and supervision of, all projects to which we send them. Having done their jobs ourselves many times, we understand the demands of the work but also the needs of our employees. We respect their work and will always try to offer guidance and support when needed, and undertake to keep their workplace free from discrimination or harassment of any kind. In return we expect of ourselves and all staff a very high standard of work and professionalism.


If this is not present, our first recourse will always be to offer support and guidance. However, should the unsatisfactory standard of performance or professionalism continue then we will apply our disciplinary procedures as stated below. It is our goal for these to be fair, amicable and constructive at all times, and to find a resolution as quickly as possible.



II. Disciplinary Procedures


a) In the event of a failure by any employee, contractor or agent of Global English Theatre (hereafter 'Member of Staff') to meet the expectations laid out in their agreement of employment Global shall observe the following disciplinary procedure:

    1. An Oral Warning: If behaviour or performance is below what is expected of the Member of Staff, they will be issued an oral warning by a Team Leader.

    2. A Written Warning: If behaviour or performance continues to fall below the required standard, the Member of Staff will be issued with a written warning authorised and signed by a Director of Global.

    3. Dismissal: if behaviour or performance still fails to improve following a written warning, then Global may dismiss the Member of Staff and terminate the Engagement with immediate effect. This decision will be final.


b) In the event of extreme misconduct whereby the Member of Staff:

    1. commits a serious or repeated breach of any of the provisions of this agreement, refuses to comply with any reasonable and lawful directions of Global;

    2. is in the reasonable opinion of Global negligent and incompetent in the performance of the work for which they have been engaged; or

    3. is guilty of any fraud or dishonesty or acts in any manner which in the opinion of Global brings or is likely to bring the Member of Staff or Global into disrepute or is materially adverse to the interests of Global,

Global may bypass the oral and written warnings, dismiss the Member of Staff and terminate the Engagement with immediate effect. This decision will be final.


c) In the event of a dismissal under either section E) I) 3) or section E) II):

  1. Global shall be liable for fees accrued by the Member of Staff prior to the dismissal.

  2. The Member of Staff shall be liable for the full cost of engaging a replacement Member of Staff, excluding the fee for the replacement's work but including all reasonable expenses for that replacement's transport to and from the work above the value of any previously agreed travel expenses, and for an administration charge of not less than 100€.

  3. Global shall not be held liable for any expenses already incurred by the member of staff in respect of this engagement and no fee shall be due from the time of the dismissal.



III - Scope

a) The rights and obligations set out in this policy apply equally to all Members of Staff, whether part time or full time employees on a substantive or fixed-term contract, and also to associated persons such as voluntary collaborators.  It includes written communications which bear the name of or could be associated with Global, including publications in the media and on social media networks which are accessible to clients, collaborators, future clients and collaborators, or the general public.

b) You have personal responsibility for the application of this policy. As a term of your employment agreement, you are expected to read and familiarise yourself with this policy, ensure that this policy is properly observed and fully complied with.


IV – Our Commitment

a) Global undertakes to give fair hearing to any Member of Staff who is being considered or submitting a grievance under this policy, and to consider any mitigating circumstances which may apply, without prejudice to their rights as employers under the terms of any service or employment agreement into which the Member of Staff has entered.


b) Wherever practically possible, oral warnings will be given by a Line Manager in consultation with a company Director and written warnings will be subject of discussion between at least two Directors.

Any dismissals will always be agreed upon by majority of the Directors.

V – When Does This Policy Apply?

This policy applies to all conduct in the workplace and also to conduct outside of the workplace that is related to your work (including time spent with host families and in the wider communities in which Global operates whilst you are employed by us) or which may impact on Global’s reputation. We set out below some specific areas of application:

a) Training – Throughout the duration of any training session, orientation or rehearsal period which the Member of Staff is engaged to attend, whether organised directly by Global or by a partner or external agency.

b) In the Workplace – In and around any schools, theatres, council buildings or private premises at which Global may be engaged or operate. This also includes travel to and from any such venue, and any time whatsoever in which the Member of Staff is wearing any clothing or badge which bears the company name or any associated name or logo.

c) Throughout the Period of Employment - This refers to the entire duration of any stay in Italy, or other country, in which the Member of Staff is engaged by Global. Specifically any time whatsoever at which the actions of the Member of Staff could be linked to Global, such as the wider community around workplaces, hotels, host families, restaurants and bars, and whilst in forms of transport owned, hired or otherwise provided by Global. This explicitly includes the expression of views on social media which would be contrary to the commitments included in the relevant agreement and could be linked to Global.


VI: Grievance Procedure


a) Should any Member of Staff believe that this policy or any actions associated with it have been taken unfairly or without the exercise of due consideration, we will endeavour to give them fair hearing and to consider without prejudice their grievance.


b) Any grievance relating to a colleague or workplace situation should be reported in the first instance verbally to the Member of Staff's Line Manager (such as a Camp Leader, Camp Coordinator or Tour Manager). If a resolution cannot be reached through mediation by this line manager, the Member of Staff is encouraged to communicate both verbally and in written form with Natalie Rosewood (Director [Personnel]), using the contact information at the bottom of this policy or provided during training, orientation or rehearsals. If Natalie is not contactable, the second point of contact is Sandy King (Director), also using the contact information at the bottom of this policy or provided during training, orientation or rehearsals.


Any grievance which pertains to a Line Manager should be reported in the first instance to Natalie Rosewood, (Director [Personnel]) If Natalie is not contactable, the second point of contact is Sandy King (Director).


Any grievance which pertains to a Director of Global should be submitted in written form to Global English Theatre, 18 Battlefield Road, St Albans, England, AL1 4DD, via an email which is copied to at least two of the directors: Sandy King, Natalie Rosewood and Jolley Gosnold (Director [Associate]). We would encourage a Member of Staff in this position to send such a grievance to all three Directors, however we acknowledge that circumstances could arise in which confidentiality is required by the Member of Staff. In this instance they are requested to specify that confidentiality is requested in the title of the email.


First Point of Contact:

Natalie Rosewood - email


Other enquiries:
Sandy King - telephone (+39) 391 742 2889
- email

Only for grievances which pertain to a Director of Global:

Jolley Gosnold - email

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